What Is A Treasure Hunter?

When "man" placed his first marks upon a cave wall, this act showed that he wanted to document something that was important to him. Since then we have placed marks upon more rocks, trees, metal plates, animal skins and paper. Pictographs, petroglyphs and anthropomores, signs and symbols that have been placed all over the world. They have been left by almost every culture that has inhabited this earth. Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Mayans, Incas, Aztecs, Spaniards, Mexicans, Indians, pirates, robbers and prospectors. Cryptic messages from relatives of our past.

From "Man's" earliest beginnings, he has concealed his valuable possessions, from others, for thousands of years. Items too important for others to take possession of. Whether it was food, weapons, religious, burial, mineral, or treasure sites. They placed signs and symbols, on objects, to help them remember where they concealed these precious objects.

They built large monuments and trail markers to help guide the way. This was accomplished by sculpting out mountains, mesas and rock outcroppings, or smaller ones on trees or saguaro cactus. Giving them the ability to return to the exact site and recover these items, maybe after several or hundreds of years later.

The messages that they left, were known only by them or ones that they trusted with the information. They did not want to make it easy, for others to understand these messages, to come and take what was theirs. They would use concealment, deception and any other means to protect the site in question.

Research is the key to find the exact location of where many of these items are located. It takes a lot of research to understand the many facets of treasure hunting. It is not as easy as some people may think. Treasure hunters could be called non-degreed archaeologist. Searching for the historical past lives and activities of others before us. Getting pieces of information from many sources, building up a profile, to put all the puzzle pieces together, to find what we have been looking for.

Feel free to use My treasure maps pictured below to begin your search for the lost treasures of the Old World. These maps were used by the Spaniards in search for gold. Remember this: A Spaniard 500 years ago had three things that drove him. "Gold, glory, and God!"!

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